Ever wish you had a remote control for conversations? Have you ever gestured a remote action in the middle of your chat - “Pause”? Just like a remote control, the Universal eMote enables you to Pause, Play, Fast Forward, and Rewind your conversations, figuratively speaking. Do you find it difficult keeping up with people who often dive off into tangents? The “Random” button is for you. Does your conversation pal assume you know what they are talking about? Perhaps you need more “Info”. Need help facilitating a large meeting? Interject a little humor to keep the meeting on track and productive. The Universal eMote interface displays key buttons often found on media center remote controls. When you press a button, the application plays the sound of the button expressing your remote eMote. Features include: 20 unique controls, high quality sound, repeating tapping of a button gives a stutter effect, fast reset for next command, and adjustable volume.

Universal eMote is available on the iPhone App Store. Let us know what you think of it!

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