Founder’s Page

Some like to know a little more about the heart of a company. So, here is some information directly from our founder, Will.

I started my career in music and electronics at an early age. I was facinated not only by hearing and watching good bands, but also by the technology employed in making their music. It didn’t take me long to start tearing apart radios and trying to copy the musical acts I saw on television.

I was educated at the Naval Nuclear Power School and later at NC State University. The result, technical training in physics and electrical engineering. I continued my interest in music by playing in numerous bands of various genres. And I started designing electronics for music and audio applications.

I finally retired from the real world of industry and government service, lastly as director of research and technology. This freed me up to pursue my real passion of music and audio electronics and software.

So here I am, the founder of binaryFrenzy LLC. Our passion is to develop unique products that are not currently available through major music and audio companies. 

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